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Cooking with Nina

Page last updated 04-Sep-2011

Simply food ideas with The Messenger in SpainYABADABADOOOO!

Isn’t this exciting? I can’t believe it, I’ve been asked to bring out Cooking with Nina again. Which means more cooking, more delicious raw materials, more chasing for ideas – and bother! more tasting and testing to make sure the recipes are okay for you.

I’ve got lots of exciting new recipes and ideas for you, but will also sometimes be going over old ground as there will be lots of new people out there who missed out on the first series.

You will find me in the HML in every other edition, in other words, once a month.

I’ve started planning already, so watch this space, warm up your kitchen (don’t we just need it!), and prepare to cook, eat and enjoy.

¡Hasta pronto!




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