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¡Hola, muy buenas, y bienvenidos a HLM!

Does either or both of the following two statements ring a bell?

  1. I know all the Spanish in theory, but when I am in a real situation I just go blank.
  2. I can speak Spanish ok, but when they get back to me, I’m lost!

Well, don’t despair, help is on its way!

We are working hard on putting together a Spanish teaching web site that will address exactly these two problems and provide you with an abundance of interactive activities, vocabulary, tips, information - and grammar for those who want that! There will be explanations, dialogues, interactive exercises, games and no end of other goodies to immerse you in the world of Spanish.

Here in the HLM we will publish something from the web site in each edition, so if you are trying to learn Spanish, no matter at what level, watch this space!


El mejor modo de resolver una dificultad es no tratar de soslayarla
(The best way to solve a difficulty is not to try to elude it)

Noel Clarasó lived from 1899-1985. He was a Spanish writer, screenwriter and actor, but is best known for his humour.





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