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Page last updated 14-Apr-2010

My name is Lorybo.  I have lived in Spain for many years and Simply food ideas with The Messenger in Spainhave a real passion for cooking so I was thrilled to be invited to write for The Messenger in Spain.  I am not a qualified chef, my recipes are spontaneous and from the heart.

When I started selling my paintings years ago, I had some advice from a very famous artist friend of mine. He said ‘don’t be too precise and particular, just do it’. And within reason most recipes require a touch of imagination, a feel for blending flavours and a lot of love.  Most importantly, enjoy doing it and don’t worry if it goes a bit wrong - open a packet of soup......with flair and some cream and croutons of course. I do … so can you!

Together with The Messenger in Spain, we are going to build a food lovers circle where we will share recipes, tips and ideas – you can contact me for more information about this exciting project at  I look forward to hearing from you and I hope you will enjoy all my recipes.  Lorybo


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